People come ,

with a warning labels ,

but your poetic strangeness justified it.

 You were afraid that ,

once your silky voice taste the toxic sounds,

Your heart won’t be able to love as much ,

and stay in limbo ,

never recovering again.

It was the hunger,

and refusal to accept unhappiness,

degree ding yourself ,

For nothing!

It was possible desire ,

to do something stupid ,

with a serious intentions.

Like ,as you shovel your face with madness,

reveling your shame,

To the  other half of you ,

that restlessly fight .

Don’t be afraid any longer ,

You still have label of goodness in your heart “


20 thoughts on “Aside

  1. This is so soul strengthening especially at the end. Great words from a great person who has been around. Read your story at last and you STILL look like 19! Seriously this is amazing as I thought you were young girl.

  2. “It was possible desire ,

    to do something stupid ,

    with a serious intentions.” – wonderfull and it has a strong message aswell as that tone of connection amongs people which we are sad when we do not see.

  3. Strong poem – the first sentence pulls you in. It’s a powerful and beautiful line. The last line reminded me that if we all looked into ourselves, we would be able to find the goodness in our hearts, but many have let dust and rust cover it from disuse.

  4. Fantastic poem, really moving and emotive.
    Favourite line had to be: “as you shovel your face with madness” – just brilliant. Hope you write more like this.

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