17 thoughts on “:) ;)

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  2. words to live by, to remember, to be true to…too. It gets confusing sometimes with such ready feedback, but i think I have found a balance. Awesome artwork as ever, Biljan. Love the soft strokes and pastel colors. 🙂

  3. hhmm…how did i miss this post? with a different color palette too, i like it a lot and how can we as artists deny the truth in the quote. thank you for that and for liking ::::hum::::, really appreciate you digging a little deeper to find that poem.


    • Yes I looked into the blog in peace today…had most of the day just for me,and before painting wanted to catch up and enjoy …even more so since i found oldest ones i just discovered 🙂 … Now be “missing in action” till next week -work :).Have a wonderful weekend

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