1. B, i am really in love with this muted color palette, and i can just see your brush thick with paint applying the textures to the cliffs….

    and yes, write for all the right reasons, have a wonderful weekend::::enjoy::::

    • It will be busy weekend ,but I’ll fill in my inspiration next week :). This is one of several awesome view’s from Greece that I spend some time deciding which one i wanted to paint.And this quote i absolutely love!!!! Thank you so much and have a nice sunny weekend.:)

  2. Santorini is bound to inspire both the painter and the poet, Biljana. (grin) As for writing, I love everything about it. I write to write and write because I have to. Nice post.

  3. Absolutely! This is just perfect… I couldn’t have said it any better myself 😀 Thanks for putting it so eloquently. 😀

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