20 thoughts on “Happy weekend

      • how can a volcano look so cool and alluring and beautiful but be so hot and dangerous reminds me alot about the way some people and how they can tricjk and decive you . so fast getting it done but it looks as if you took along time to do 🙂

  1. This painting of a volcano is world winner and BEST I’ve ever seen. So realistic. I must check whether or not you sell any downloads of images or just use them like I do for your own blogs. I have been looking back seeing how much I have learned, mistakes I’ve corrected and also I DO dream lots during the day whilst travelling yet sometimes images just come to me and I I do blog around that. Three great shares. Have a good weekend, healthy and happy.

    • Hey Anna . This would be probably my faster painting ever .My son gave me an idea and there it was half hour later (literally). I never even tried to sell my paintings,i just do them and hang all over my walls ,but before that i post them and share with people that appreciate to see them…sweet people as you are. Now just hanging around and enjoying day off…filling in batteries and inspiration for next painting that I’ll probably do tonight….And DO SO…ALWAYS learn,make mistakes if they approached and correct them faster then any other before…and expand your views and knowledge…and become bigger person each day.
      Thank you so very much . Enjoy your weekend girl :).Got to catch up on your posts .As soon as i think its a free time one of kids steal computer…but i will soon.

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  3. Wow…that’s a really dynamic volcano! Indeed, our Sunday was as hot as those hot splashing lava…LOL…

    It is already Monday (still a hot one)…and so, have a great Monday ahead, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

    • That mean you had a real summer weekend heat which i love … here is stormy Monday morning,but somehow i don’t mind, it will put me to sleep faster since i work later on . Have a wonderful week ahead my friend 😉

      • Awww….I’ve always love rainy nights…feeling the breeze, breathing in the moist in the air and listening to the rain while being tucked inside my blanket…hehehe…

        Have a lovely day ahead, my friend~ Cheers!!! 😀

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