For you,

Whose made life’s agenda to hurt me,

I created the world of wild cats on entry and infinite lava covered forest,

Burn your desperate tongue while you crawl in your poisonous spit.

Go ahead, put your pity step on its ground.

I created the place where I don’t feel,

Or care to speak language of politeness.

To you,

Cruel and cowardly ones,

Who touched and crossed over my carefully cherished place,

I built a country

Where no free streets are left to walk on

To accommodate kindness or forgiveness.

It isn’t made of my heartbeats,

And it’s not meant to scream justice,

Or to uselessly reveal the truth,

Sadness chased my breath away because you powered through my being.

You pleased your inner monsters, laughed hysterically, celebrated…

you sick son of a bitch

For you,

Who stood in your madness upon arriving,

Protesting to your emptiness

You stay there,

Play your angry games with your mates,

And hold onto the thrills of hurt

That use to pull my heart out.

My boat is departing to the colors of bright shores.

You didn’t earn to stay in my world.


  1. Straight from the heart. These words will ring a bell for many znd I love THE ENDING….Good…

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