Life is…


Its unknown,

its in your soul .

God’s given time of choosing yourself.

Its invisible,

and like  rain mist,

washing out just a dirt of forgotten.

Its like a song,

some with the high notes,

some very low.

Its like a beauty,

your silent angel

created in a rainbow.

Its like a mountain,

with all hills and depths ,

catching right moment

to breath into you air.

Its like a second,

on intersection ,

to make a decision :

Daredevil steps,

or fear to move..

because in that second

you enlarge your days…

or you in limbo.

Its like a wind,

some danger brings you,

some gently pleasing your face.

Its like a kindness,

that mold you like a sculpture,

Its like a poet,

stuck between words ,

between the feeling of sadness or joy.

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Unnecessary pain


 Unnecessary pain, 

forgive me.

I never meant to be that!

Don’t ever ask

what throbbing you like knife ,

when you are not prepared for those wounds .

It frustrating your skin ,

like itch of uncertainty .

You know by now,

its a mistake to approach me ,

with that premeditated speech of the blame.

It twist me in self defend ,

and i send you back to my tears ,

and years, where powerless me felt alone. 

 Unnecessary pain,

forgive me.

It isn’t cloud over our roof.

It was just departing plain ,

without ticket to come back.

Leave to others ,

to ring,and to yell.

Their judgement wont harm who i am.

This prosecution has to end,

just stay a bit silent ,

Its a new day !Image

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Letting you be

I didn’t know I was lost

In those waves of the wishful sea

In troubled dreams,

Upon electric imagination

I’m waking up to let you be!

Only you know how you feel

In times with memory of me there,

Inside that very sunset I’m sealed ,

Yet you’ll never know

How to reach me and where.

As you have showed me

How ones heart can turn wild,

You also thought me

The heart can endure

As long as I know

I have tried.

Your barriers and walls,

your absent eyes,

your many uncertainties

have taken a toll on me,

So long

I’m well,

and willingly

letting you be.


I’m going to let you be joyful and free ,

with my soul closed crawl into the sand,

carefully avoid path where you walk

and not loving you to pretend.

I’ll be that wind that helps you to fly,

with silence of knowing faithfully mend ,

your heartbeat from the distance to hear,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’m going to embrace the light on your face,

until my every poem write its end,

I’ll find the meaning where isn’t any,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’m going to be pure air around you,

I’ll find in burning tears hidden tent,

The mask of nothingness put for the public,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’ll visit memories of shattered secret ,

The one where dream of mine you tightly held,

I’ll squeeze the whole life out of sadness ,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’m going to look for one tomorrow,

Wake up to the heart that feel no sore ,

With yesterdays not hurting my being ,

And not loving you pretend any more.

Midnight sky …by Diana

Midnight Sky  (Diana Zovkic, Feb. 12. 2014)                

Eyes as bright as the midnight sky,
A smile as wide as the world,
Looking up at the clouds, wishing she could fly,
Our little angel is growing up.

Laughing, running, and singing,
This girl is full of character,
Beautiful: Just like wind chimes ringing,
Our little angel is growing up.

Helping as much as she could,
She would volunteer for anything,
Sometimes, even more than she should.
Our little angel is growing up.

Plenty of friends, with memories to hold,
She’s cherishing many stories,
That will soon be descriptively told,
Our little angel is growing up.

Skirts, dresses and fashion designing,
These were some of her favorite hobbies,
Wondering what’s good for combining,
Our little angel is growing up.

Crushes, boyfriends, soon to be married,
It’s her time to rule her own life,
With this topic, her emotions are varied,
Our little angel is growing up.

Now she’s totally on her own
Living her life to the fullest,
With memories like this, she’s certainly known,
Our little angel is growing up.

So many goals in her mind,
She doesn’t know what to do,
She caught up on art, which she’s fallen behind,
Our little angel is growing up.

Acting protective to put up a fight
Hoping one day she’ll understand why,
Day will soon come, it can’t always be night,
Our little angel is growing up.

Eyes still as bright as the midnight sky,
A smile still as wide as the world,
Looking up at the clouds, hoping to fly,
Our little angel has grown up.

My very own season

The lovely shades of sunset,

of my very own season ,

leading me on to you .

They are pushing me

to where reality can’t touch my hand,

or the tip of my chin ,

and won’t give me any reason why

i should turn away

and run recklessly.

This music ,

irresistibly pouring out of your eyes…

Throbbing through every forbidden wall,

and the roads ,

that we wish we could cross.

There we stand ,

as an electric switch 

ready to blow off in a disaster and heartache .

Do not act!

Do not pick up flowers ,

Just stay behind the corner 

that divide and secure you from the dream.

Let me stay 

in my very own season of the spring .

It wouldn’t last .

The leaves will fall…

And the heart will heal …

And the reason will win…

And the soul will move on…

It always does.

I always find the way to come back to me! 

Didn’t we know

Didn’t we know



Didn’t we know

it’s just an illusion of the banner ,

that we welcomed

to our lives

for a while?

I was the water

that you spilled carelessly ,

so sure in yourself

and your fire

as a source of my happiness .

Didn’t we know

that magnificence of love

doesn’t exist in this place ?

That we shouldn’t be intimidate by the voices

and meaningless tears ?!

Your words sounds far off .

They don’t reach the depth of  your own ears.

As far as the truth,

and as close as the lie.

As beautiful as a sunrise around us,

every time our eyes meet.

As a thunder of breathlessness.

I become a gate –

no key can unlock me!

I am made of brunches

and soft madness.

I’ve got to protect you from me.

I have reached to the sky 

and prayed for this to happen quickly .

So it has.