Didn’t we know

Didn’t we know



Didn’t we know

it’s just an illusion of the banner ,

that we welcomed

to our lives

for a while?

I was the water

that you spilled carelessly ,

so sure in yourself

and your fire

as a source of my happiness .

Didn’t we know

that magnificence of love

doesn’t exist in this place ?

That we shouldn’t be intimidate by the voices

and meaningless tears ?!

Your words sounds far off .

They don’t reach the depth of  your own ears.

As far as the truth,

and as close as the lie.

As beautiful as a sunrise around us,

every time our eyes meet.

As a thunder of breathlessness.

I become a gate –

no key can unlock me!

I am made of brunches

and soft madness.

I’ve got to protect you from me.

I have reached to the sky 

and prayed for this to happen quickly .

So it has.



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