My very own season

The lovely shades of sunset,

of my very own season ,

leading me on to you .

They are pushing me

to where reality can’t touch my hand,

or the tip of my chin ,

and won’t give me any reason why

i should turn away

and run recklessly.

This music ,

irresistibly pouring out of your eyes…

Throbbing through every forbidden wall,

and the roads ,

that we wish we could cross.

There we stand ,

as an electric switch 

ready to blow off in a disaster and heartache .

Do not act!

Do not pick up flowers ,

Just stay behind the corner 

that divide and secure you from the dream.

Let me stay 

in my very own season of the spring .

It wouldn’t last .

The leaves will fall…

And the heart will heal …

And the reason will win…

And the soul will move on…

It always does.

I always find the way to come back to me! 

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