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Photo: I live with no regrets, I speak exactly how I feel, I leave no stone unturned, no “I love you” left unspoken, communication is at the heart of all that I am, I have to face my fears and speak up when necessary, I’ve wasted far too much of my life being afraid to speak for fear it would hurt another soul, in turn I drowned in regrets of my own silence, watched quietly as life backfired, so I made a vow to myself, always be honest with my words, say how I feel with love and compassion, never speak out of anger, never leave another soul without them knowing exactly what position they hold within my heart, I have learned how to say “NO”, and regardless of how scared I feel, I no longer allow my words to go unspoken. ~Will "Story" RiveraPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhoto: From www.thehiyL.comPhotoPhotoPhoto: Visit http://familyshare.com/PhotoPhotoPhotoPhoto: Tweet this! http://ctt.ec/e3330PhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotoPhotohttps://Photo: La vida es como una puerta: 
Si está escrito "tira", por favor no empujes.Photo/Photo?v=270802916414657PhotoPhotoPhoto: Visit our site http://www.wishespoint.com/Photo: Observe and reflect, and become a little wiser every day. 
Doe Zantamata  

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Do you trust,

that once will dawn,

and you wake up to see

yesterdays mornings running away,

like summer clouds?

Do you trust ,

that one afternoon,

you will greet the sun,

the way you did,

when nothing in your life was borrowed,

and magical moment,

was every moment you lived?

Do you trust ,Image

in a  mesmerizing sunset, 

and sleepless nights

to  never be your present again?

Introduce yourself to the trust,

and  know that you owe your life ,

and your heart.”

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So called friend


So ,you reached out ,

You wondered ,

how i am doing ,

wishing i’ll cry?

You wanted me to spit out ,

my misery treasure?

I told you about,

my pride ,

my success,

my healthy heart,

and clear mind .

You got silent,

Your throat dried out,

disappointed by thirst ,

and your wishes!

You went away,

in a search for

other small people ,

and their bitterly days,

to make your misery

hurt a bit less .

So ,now i wonder

my biggest wonder,

how in the world

i thought you were my friend?! Image



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