January 2020

“Ne volim ja ni kosulja da me steze, a kamoli ljudi “

“Danas je sutra ,samo ako sutra je “


I stopped listening to the pretty voice

of his silent emotions ,

from where his broken heart wanted to enter

another side of its loving,but always sad eyes.

The pleasure and the pain ,

so boundless ,

but never clear enough

to assure you

that long forgotten is near

and that you’ll never wholly know it.

You gave your heart

as if it was a tear wiped away .

Your ears heard mixture endings

of the lonesome dreams .

I stopped marching trough them,

With colorful clouds upon it.

The depth of the Ocean

wished to rob untouchable stones

of the misery ,

wearing your burden in it so well.

that vanished in a talented artist muse.

I stopped imagining love

I stopped chasing butterflies and unrealistic universes.

I stopped excusing blameless boundaries that ,

, don’t even matters .

I stopped carrying quilts and burden for you ,

For them,

For beautiful and equally fake ….


What ones heart can endure

I already have.

What life gives willingly

I’ll only take.