Biljana Zovkic (The world of my voice – poems and paintings )and AWAKENING (poems and paintings )

painting of a girl in red dresspainting of the three friendsPhotoPhotoPhotopainting 4Photopainting of the girl reading a bookPhotollove story imagesFace7drawing of a green eye girlFace3Face8Face1Photopainting of a couple in flowersFace3blue eyes and read long hair girlPhotolooking down faceblue eyeface and tulipMariadrawing of a sad girlmy mompainting of the couple in lovegirl with a bookpainting 4th704042_423847977683948_2127833567_o792191_436869786381767_1864864366_ogirl looking outside ,brown eyes830288_444172735651472_110506375_opainting of a girl looking from the balconypainting of a girl in red dress883848_446523798749699_1067318828_o886067_446524522082960_8532754_o858604_445238318878247_1001861742_o858794_445238992211513_2135455341_o885240_444564515612294_979547441_o887407_444563775612368_1823817464_o857694_444565155612230_863927035_opainting of a sad girl in blue dresspainting of a couplepainting of my happy sister and me819317_436766353058777_334834281_o269515_391254450943301_575201084_n (1)337633_432678373467575_1290421011_o326131_429285297140216_231200912_o265715_379995768735836_1366088812_o471254_379973735404706_1228599261_o736966_441959145872831_725567200_o820711_436764473058965_1174995570_o (1)169286_410230645712348_1472560198_o665729_387736691295077_161613603_o340955_379970792071667_1580494521_o798177_436761286392617_67619421_o823533_438175479584531_1703247986_o859879_438032266265519_1660838581_o858384_438032809598798_1530423756_o823550_435385253196887_1379870982_o830448_436761749725904_1037549968_o843758_435385513196861_177127870_o792172_436815419720537_227293994_o812563_435392716529474_2040617423_o775868_434059826662763_1307509598_o841055_429285670473512_116610699_o820697_429561627112583_1055874407_o820917_429329867135759_498475188_o169517_382856931783053_1425857722_o798297_428171297251616_1521358949_opainting of Marko in safari774804_426807924054620_1583123370_o774358_425078674227545_340627535_opainting of a lonely girlpic 14 bk 2cover pic for awakening bk 2

100 thoughts on “Biljana Zovkic (The world of my voice – poems and paintings )and AWAKENING (poems and paintings )

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  2. I appreciate you commenting on and liking posts on my blog. Great art by the way! Do you have any that would be geared towards what I write about on my blog so I could feature your art there?

    • Thank you so much. I would be glad to do that. Is there anything you would like me to paint (its my pleasure and at the same time great idea for me to try) with you post that would match in the way you wish? You give me an idea, and i give you painting next week 🙂

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  4. Thanks for digging my most recent poem … I always get a kick when I stop by sites of those whove liked my work and I actually like their work as well … keep up the good work and stay inspired

    • I love to be inspired by plain mind , mostly faces, …My friends also love to send me pictures (with family or just them ) so i try that too …which sometimes look really funny. Sometimes i see picture that i like and do my own version of it with memory ,just different colors …or magazines …but those from “mind’s eye ” are just more true me 🙂

  5. Unique style and seems combo many painting styles. Let me know if you care to guest post on my Wednesdays. Perhaps review my Wednesdays posts see what I mean. Glad you visited my blog as always looking to hook up with talent display to my followers.

  6. Your artwork is beautiful. My favorites on this page would be the city and the ocean scenes. Your viewers can probably see that you put a lot of heart into your work. They seem to depict a peaceful, happy essence. It’s lovely.

    • Thank you Charron :)…I mainly paint woman (obsessed with eyes somehow ),but lately challenging myself with different things. Today i’ll try to do opera house in my town…cross your fingers .I’ll search Monet right after this … Thanks for a little coffee chat 🙂

  7. I am in love with your paintings. What an amazing collection you have here. Thank you for sharing and thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog x


  8. Your beautiful connection to the art of life reminds me of my own ancient wish: “To soar once more in spirit, like the Pecan Park Eagle, in flight destiny to all that is bright and beautiful.” Keep up the good work and happy play. And thank you for visiting my Blog.

  9. Your work is so amazing. I love the portraits and the landscapes are just as beautiful. The colors draw me in. Thank you, you made me feel like I just left the museum. Thank you also, for following my poetry. I’m glad I could stumble on this treasure chest!

  10. Your art is world famous-style and quality. Also I love the dark background of the blog like mine even though writers are taught to keep it simple and easy to read. Well I find it easier to read on a dark surface.

  11. My favourite is the small one of the woods with couple kissing or embracing Can’t make out if it is two females or male and female? Also the fountain with the detailed old buildings is amazing plus the sunami effect rushing up to walls of houses. The detail in the buildings deserves an award as it must have been so difficult.

    • I am guessing your favorite painting is the one with me and my husband ….you made me laugh there, …i always had terrible time capturing a man (mostly turn out like weird looking mix of two genders hahahaha) …that suppose to be a man … omg, so funny…still laughing.
      I am glad i made it believable on that other painting . That building is from the place where, long long time ago, president of Yugoslavia Tito use to vacation. Its remodeled now,but my point while painting was to remember my “use to be” Country before war…vanished one day and re builded another .
      You always giving me comments that truly making me feel great about things i do.
      Cheers to you Anna. 🙂 !!!
      Just to mention, i am not here as often as before, i am sorry if i missed out some of your posts…I’ll make it up on my day off work 🙂

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  13. have you AXUALLY been to the Utah Canyonlands? — to do that pixure of the canyons, with river carving thru’ it … (oh, only 100 miles, a little more, from my house!)

    • Thanks Nicole…Yes Diana is completely taking over … surprising me all the time with drawings and poems …and by the way she grew up , she is as tall as i am , she is lately even more like me …and another one is slowly catching up he he. Big hello to you and happy spring 🙂

      • she is very talented just as her mom is ..yes they grow so fast it will not be long and the other one will be there faster than you want must be the coffee lol 🙂 😉 it was great to hear from you 🙂 🙂 🙂 hope all is well and yes a BIG happy spring to you as well… had enough cold and snow talk to you later. write soon …..

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