People come ,

with a warning labels ,

but your poetic strangeness justified it.

 You were afraid that ,

once your silky voice taste the toxic sounds,

Your heart won’t be able to love as much ,

and stay in limbo ,

never recovering again.

It was the hunger,

and refusal to accept unhappiness,

degree ding yourself ,

For nothing!

It was possible desire ,

to do something stupid ,

with a serious intentions.

Like ,as you shovel your face with madness,

reveling your shame,

To the  other half of you ,

that restlessly fight .

Don’t be afraid any longer ,

You still have label of goodness in your heart “


Let us

Let us walk up above

them all!

Let us jump

off the cliff together!

Let us find out

How deep we can love!

How far we can see

into the spectacular future,

when it rains !

How high we can rise,

if a heavy load of life

crumble our fingers.

Let us seek for the power

and find out:

if the beauty is the true face

of our souls!

Would  the peace

cost us our strength?

Would someone’s defeat

be the curse of our victory ?!




 That mesmerizing, yet an ordinary day,

That took all before and after away?

I have fantasized about a novel line,

The sudden magical place where you appeared,

In a captivating moment of unforgettable heart beats.

Oh, what a forever lasting capture of the look you gave me!

What a realization of the unknowing becoming so familiar,

 Yet strange.

 I said good bye to the innocent sleep; willingly and forever.

I watched my heart float away in fearlessness,

 In that very first blue cloud.

 I couldn’t help not acting ridiculously clumsy,

 My laughter become unreasonably wide to others,

 My glowing face changed as a butterfly’s first landing.

My body humbled just about anything imagining your touch.


So many years past by,

A lifetime for some,

A lifetime for me,

A lifetime figuring out the answer

What did I feel before you?

 I remember,

The exact movement of my soul,

The very first magical whisper,

The vision of the human sculpture of God,

When you took my heart,

My every thought,

My life, my existence,

My love,

My love!!!!ImageImage

You are leaving me?

            YOU ARE LEAVING ME?


You are leaving?

Oh, God, how ridiculous!

What will you do without me on this road, made of my words and eyelashes?

How will you run into the arms of strangers?

When scent of me in your soul is inhaled?

How will you hold and touch others,

 With the trail of my fingerprints on your skin?   

You’ll hurt the clarity in the sky,

And the star I created just for your eyes,

 It will lose its warmth.

It will burst as an invisible powder of nothing.

I didn’t enter into your life,

Just so you crumble the leaves,

And leave me as dried stem of bitterness.  

I know you love me!

You want me with fulfilled wanting of belonging.

This night has spoken to me,

To give me a warning of an abandoned beauty,

Of two similar, yet contrast worlds,

That the universe shouting at loudly.

I am bursting out thoughts hysterically,

And laughing at the delusional images,

Of the unrealistic you.

Images of that universe,

Daring to appear without us in it.

How dreamless our hearts would beat?

I am waiting in the corner knowing,

That you have been taken the risk,

And truly deleted yourself,

From my life.  



Ti me ostavljas?

Boze, kako je to smijesno.

Sta ces bez mene , na ovom putu, protkanom mojim trepavicama ?

U laznom zagrljaju neznanki?

Kako druge ruke da dodirnes,

Kada je miris mojih ruku ,u tvoju kozu je potonuo?

Povrijedit ces mirisno nebo.

Ne bjezi!

Ono je za tebe stvoreno.

Nisam ti ja tek tako nanesen prah,

da me prosipas kao otrov ,

Tamo gdje cvjetovi zele cvjetati dugo.

Ti bi da me ljubis  I volis jos nepostojanom ljubavlju.

Pusti me da robujem opojnosti tvog dodira,

I da se rastapam u nestajanju noci.

Vrijeme ce neosjetno provuci svoju sjenu,

Kroz nas dvoje.

Pa ipak,

Ako me ostavis,

Bit ce smijesno grubosti nesavrsenoj , zivotnoj.

Krenut cu dalje, u susret bez snova,

Sa pitanjima I odgovorima koji manje bole od istine.

  Sa istim mirisom u tvojoj kozi,

Sjecanje ce zapisati stihove tvojih htijenja kukavickih.

Uzalud me ostavljas.

Pustam te,

 budi ptica zeljna novog neba .

Necu te primiti nazad,

A trazit ces povrat

U svim milovanjima sto te cekaju.