Poems of 2013

Inspiration comes from simply watching a sad movie, listening to the news (even politic),a soccer game, a story lines on comedy channel,…silly daily stuff that has nothing to do with what’s written, yet got inspired by it. Difficult to say why writers are into speaking about emotions without basic reasons …I guess that is what poetry is all about for those who understand and love it. Some poems comes into my head (words or sentences) as it was God given momentum…if I do not write it down immediately, it go away forever …unbelievable , just as a dream in the morning that you can recall again 2 min after you fully awake.

Love is the most important feeling in my life…I am so very blessed by having it all!!!!

I am very hopeful that 2013 brings a lot of inspirations .

When i go alone into the silent night,
my eyes are starting inside my tumbling heart.
Thirsty sentiment blows out of my chest,closed eyelids cling round the lake ,from where the secrets wind rushes

over the bridge.

I did not walk,

nor swim near you.

I did not run behind

the wonder doors,

nor did i fly above the foam of the rain

and clouds.

I stood between the walls,

and the song that made my mind drunk…

I’m hoping you go on ,

while shadows deepening desire,

and leading you to find your truth

and to return you

to where you belong!

Into the wild,she stepped whispering ,and old trees closed its shadowy wingssmelling the sent of a jasmine .

Before her,

the endlessness lifted her arms,

as she reached for the moon,

that never forgets .

The hours of the slow rising sun

turned into a lovely dream.

The strangeness of a simple “get away”

carried her like a traveler above the stars,..

behind the valley of a child ,..

as fast as the heart beats of wonder,

as long as eternity,

soundless as silence ,

yet as loud as a symphony .

The pearls of a young grass

in her loose hair,

danced with an early birds song of her soul

to where she belongs.


When morning look at you

with a grey, unkind cloud.

When tenderness is forgotten ,

and all you know is to threw your arms

around cold remembrance .

Something seem to beat stronger in your chest,

then your heart ;

Stop thinking!

Its just a day that made you tired

for not allowing you to swim above stars,

on its magic journey.

Its just your ever hungry mind .


When you dream;

Your hands builds invisible ,

inflamed places,

in the wild evening .

You don’t need doors,

or windows ,

or visible emotions.

No wonders,

where the road is leading you tomorrow ,

thoughtless days,

and restless mornings.


Her soul shines in your half closed eyes ,

reveling nights of frost ,

and the speech

that beholds every change .

In the illusion of words ,

is the finished message,

and endless beginning,

from where your shaken heart is praised.

Love is present ,

yet uniquely confused

in need of space ,

that some can not endure.

In the mirror ,

your burden of passion is torn

between two faces ,

barely recognizing each other.

Her spirit speak your inner truth ,

and strangely feel this power ,

and the moment ,

Living ;

The glamour of knowing ,

that behind tears,

behind aching ,

a little is enough .


I wont return

to the hidden lies again .

Those places are transformed

in a passage of not wanted struggle

and unsaid damage

and the questions

nobody want to answer.

It all passed by my home

without bitterness of tears .

Reflect your face in a moon;

see how you disappearing in a fog of yesterdays dawn?!


I almost can’t hear this rain-

Every drop silently stretches into my love melody ,

softly touching

homeless hearts of some.

I almost can’t see

from where the sky begins to melt horizon

in a deep longing of the sea.

I almost can’t feel

this, once, unhealed pain.

In the passing whisper ,

unfolded from my heart

as an reward in a blue veil

of my delightful life.

I almost don’t remember ,

what was that bloomed in a valley of tumbling winds .

They shaped my soul with a thunder

from where i have escaped


I need the reason to stop the time,

where the presents of my passion

is remembered by the storyteller ,

lost in imagination.

I created the cage in my mind,

where my heart pounding remind locked,and safe,

and disconnected from clouds outside.

I’ll leave tomorrow,

for a walk ,

by the beaches of my soul.


Its just a blur moment of grey,

that turned your trust into a cry .

I’m holding the cup with the hope drops,

please tell me that you’ll try!

Bear with my moods of distance ,

That is the nature of mine when i write.

For you, for us i breathe,

for your love I create art.

I know my clouds have hurt you.

I promised, i lied, i swore…

Those sorrows are gone as my prayers

have opened God’s door.


“I dreamed something that even dreams didn’t want to remember .

They contiguously intoxicated my life,

and contaminated what simple me use to be.

I have compared everything to the metaphoric happiness,

fully aware of the energy ,

of the wild animal that i refused to a admit

i feared.

I couldn’t divide unnecessary state of mind,

from those dreams made of troubled conscious.

You have suffered ,

for so long,

insecurely believing that healing should start

by giving up on trying.

Inexcusably ,

you forgave me .

The simple pleasures ,

no confusions ,or predictions to fail.

I am dedicating this to the life,



What a sensational try

to pull me into your twisted world ,

and penetrate my honesty

with a virus of cowards..

It wasn’t my name written on the star,

that you were reaching for.

Now take your crystal pretend

to the dead end avenue ,

for I have quit on you!


“This mesmerizing sunset to be ours

My eyelashes to tickle your cheek

My lips to suffocate your thirst

My body to wrap around your waste

My hand to melt inside your palm

My heart to beat tenderly in your soul

My hair to be wind in your hunting nights

My voice to be symphony of your love poem…


“You wanted a picture perfect woman,

that follows your love rules.

To be a doll with programmed mood ring

of your needs.

To be a reason of your routine existence.

To speak words that suite your regulations and decency ,

written by your dictionary.

You wanted clarity and certainty ,

when your vision of life is not clear to anyone.

And i just wanted to carelessly breath and laugh,

And be effortlessly happy.”


“When your life doesn’t agree

with the records you’re listening…

Take your untamed heart,

and threw it in the waves

as a failed transplant…”


We should dance ,

with the instant breeze,

of the shivering moves in our fulfilled souls…

We should dance for today,

as it is an ordinary need for food,

as it is an urge of our dried throat for water….


“Through the corner of the sunset,

through the mist of new born You,

Your eyes reveled happiness.

and i knew,

you walked out of darkness ,

and success of irony chase ,

you’ve left behind…”


“Teach me,

how to count my days gracefully…

Show me how to build up my castle

of pearls ,

just walking beside you…”


…”Sometimes, everything seem to be unclear,

behind the highlights ,

but today,

the road is clear ,

and i see miles ahead…”


” You don’t approve my judging ,

so you deciding for me,

noggin inside my brain,

with your two tongued meanings,

that are foreign to me…”

“Ice cold drops of your untouchable beauty ,

In a lovely memory of a far away land.

In my heart,


The reason of my smile,


Do you trust,

that once will dawn,

and you wake up to see

yesterdays mornings running away,

like summer clouds?

Do you trust ,

that one afternoon,

you will greed the sun,

the way you did,

when nothing in your life was borrowed,

and magical moment,

was every moment you lived?

Do you trust

in a mesmerizing sunset,

and sleepless nights

to never be your present again?

Introduce yourself to the trust,

and know that you owe your life ,

and your heart.”



People come ,with a warning labels ,

but your poetic strangeness justified it.

You were afraid that ,

once your silky voice taste the toxic sounds,

Your heart won’t be able to love as much ,

and stay in limbo ,

never recovering again.

It was the hunger,

and refusal to accept unhappiness,

degreding yourself ,

For nothing!

It was possible desire ,

to do something stupid ,

with a serious intentions.

Like ,as you shovel your face with madness,

reveling your shame,

To the other half of you ,

that restlessly fight .

Don’t be afraid any longer ,

You still have label of goodness in your heart “



Unnecessary pain,

forgive me.

I never meant to be that!

Don’t ever ask

what throbbing you like knife ,

when you are not prepared for those wounds .

It frustrating your skin ,

like itch of uncertainty .

You know by now,

its a mistake to approach me ,

with that premeditated speech of the blame.

It twist me in self defend ,

and i send you back to my tears ,

and years, where powerless me felt alone.

Unnecessary pain,

forgive me.

It isn’t cloud over our roof.

It was just departing plain ,

without ticket to come back.

Leave to others ,

to ring ,and to yell.

Their judgment won’t harm who i am.

This prosecution has to end,

just stay a bit silent ,

Its a new day !



Recommend me to your heart!

My resume of love,

will connect your forbidden confusion,

to the greatest gallery of art,

hidden inside the promise ,undiscovered yet.

Recommend me to your soul!

I am savior of the world,

that you use to believe in .

To the deliciousness of the kiss ,

To present you to your mind ,

since you forgot to smile.

Recommend me to your spirit!

I can be advocate

of your free choices .

To be your possible impossibility ,

and joyful sparkle between the pillows.

Recommend me to your life!

You hold my resume on your palm.

I have the skill to do the job!

I’ll be your morning magic touch

and your eternal search for love!


I want to be your sonnet,

your muse !

I want to be your shivering sparks ,

your excitement scream !

I want to see you trembling ,

watching me wearing nothing,

but the warmth of silent WANT ,

barely containing myself .

Your eyes are touching me,

and in my vein blood is grabbing me .

My knees are giving up ,

and i uncontrollably leaning toward ,

designing your visual mind blowing scene,

that you came for.

I want my hypnotized body

to be suicidal prescription

of your uncured addiction.

I want to be your past

and present obsession passion ,

Your sober intoxication .

I want to be ripe pear

that you hungrily taking from the bowl.


Moja nasmjesena volja,

Moja luckasta ,ociju sjajnih…

Moje djetinjstvo,

i odrastanje…

Moje lekcije,

i moja utjeha…

Moja bezgranicna razdaljino,

i prisutna misao…

Moja radost ,

Moja jutarnja vedrino…

Moja mastovita polovino duse ,

Moja potrebo…

Moja zakletva ,



Moja poduka,

Moje bolje JA…

Moji putevi,

moje stramputice..

Moji dvorci,

i prucane kolibe…

Moja svitanja,

i moji sutoni…

Moja tuga,

moja sjena..

Moje krvarenje ,

neusamljena paranoja…

Moja razmisljanja ,

Moje granice…

Moje potrebe,

moje disanje.

Moje srce ,

Moja sjena,

Moja sloboda,

Moja odricanja,

moje dobiti…

Moja sreca!!!

Moj zivot!

Moja JA!!!


Its wonderland in our small world,

sweet soul food of my dream.

Its purpose of love to swim with you,

in a mystical river from within.

Its better to choose from your heart,

firs instinct take and leave.

Give this chance to your life,

to learn how to forgive.

Its easier that you move forward,

and nonsense you did to regret.

To looked up at the sunset with the truth,

and lies and deceives just forget


My smiley spirit,

My crazy sparkly eyes…

My childish me,

My grown up her…

My lessons,

My comfort…

My never ending distance,

My present thought…

My joy,

My morning brightness…

My soul,

My needs…

My swearing,

My naiveté…

My learning,

My decisions…

My better me,

My path…

My rock,

My castle…

My imaginary cabin,

My dawn…

My sorrows,

My shadow…

My blood,

My borders…

My breath,

My heart…

My freedom,

My giving up…

My gains,

My happiness…

My faith,

My guide…

My love,

My life,..

My directions,

My truth…

My satisfaction,

My art…

My Family,

My me!!!


Its unknown,

its in your soul .

God given time of choosing yourself.

Its invisible,

and like mist,

washing out just a dirt of forgotten.

Its like a song,

some with the high notes,

some very low.

Its like a beauty,

your silent angel

created in a rainbow.

Its like a mountain,

with all hills and depths ,

catching right moment

to breath into you air.

Its like a second,

on intersection ,

make a decision to simple get going,

cos in that second

you enlarge your days

or stay in limbo..

Its like a wind,

some danger brings you,

some gently pleasing your face.

Its like a kindness,

that mold you like a sculpture,

Its like a poet,

stuck between words ,

between the feeling of sadness or joy.


There was a time,

when i didn’t know my name,

but i knew yours.

There was a time i didn’t paint,

i didn’t write ,

but it was bursting out of me.

There was a time ,

i started at the door,

unable to move,

but it wasn’t locked.

There was a time,

when they drove my heart

upon that roof ,

rasping and advising

to go through the jump.

There was a time,

when silence screamed loudly

in my ear.

When the phone ring were terrified

explosion of fear.

When everything i knew ,

wondered what i didn’t know.

There was a time ,

when lies spoke ,

and sounded Noble ,

made me admire them.

Then it came a time,

when i remembered me.

Irresistibly in the wind

and snow angels.

Playfulness of a simple fruit taste,

and candle scent .

The power of the snow flakes

decorating my steps.

There was a time!

And here is now!

Search and find!

Were YOU there before?


I saw red curtains closing,

and all the actors waving final greet.

Another story’s ending,

in loud theater heart beat bittersweet!

I saw a man searching crowd,

and his inner tear unfolded aching.

He overcame the question ,

Now he knew that’s how the heart is breaking “


Abounded and forsaken

they called a sin crime scene.

Heaven for many,

a rainy cloud for some.

Heartache ,

of your fairy tails knocking,

and nobody’s in the corner,

inside your world.

Still smile ,and carry on,

the storm of your broken heart.

And be the artist of your life!


On the blanket of my mornings

laughter and noises barking by the wall.

Don’t wave at me with the snakes poisoned!

It doesn’t frighten me at all!

In the dreamy sight of the light splashes ,

my lips covered with a smile.

Don’t frighten me with a tears!

I’ll ignore you as every other lie.

I’ll dance beneath the sun,

i’m born to silence your blame.

Don’t frighten me with a darkness,

Your hunger is your own shame.

I’ll walk, i’ll run, i’ll stay still.

No one has earn my time!

Don’t frighten me with years and lost ,

My soul is still young and alive!

The leaves will tickle my toes ,

I am playing the game of life price!

Don’t frighten me , you insecure pity,

I won’t fall… i will rise!

I’ll fight ,I’ll run, I’ll party!

I’ll celebrate air and restless times!

Don’t frighten me with your fault touch!

A new breath run through my rhymes.

On the blanket of my nights ,

a composer is knocking on my wall!!!

Don’t bark ! Don’t blame! Don’t curse !

I don’t fear you at all!!!!


Prepare to climb upon the cliff

with broken compass ,

and washed out footprints in the rain,

falling without the reasons once again.

Surrender to the storm of a miracle ,

and wild stones.

Open space ,

pure as innocence,

exotic and intense .

No one to blame,

for bitterness of the kiss.

You have satisfied curiosity and your hurt.

No one to blame,

for not predicting her walking away,

glowing with a pride,

and not hearing your fearful whisper ;

Are you coming back to smell the garden?

Are you coming back to taste the spring ?

Are you coming back to see how much i fear fear?

Are you coming back to hear it cost very little to beg?

Are you coming back for anything?


He brought

you home a fortune,

in expensive antic of love.

Warm and pure ,

as simplicity of a thought ,

sleeping on the pillow

in a form of a yellow rose petals.

Your brain is beating

like clouds above your heart,

in a constant remembrance

of him watching you.

As if the last Horizon approached ,

he gave you a center sit

of the ending-

From where you began your journey !

You came across exotic jungle ,

You flied so far with the string of sounds

that he kept under his sleeves .

You will never breath again

in the evening that never ends .

He measured ,

He framed whole of you ,

as if the world knew

only design of your face.

He watches you ,

as if daylight wins over your beauty,

Trusting not

to any reason to refuse you,

if he wanted his heart

to keep beating.


Love makes you write

about the caged bird escaping,

and singing its charming song

of flying above the Earth.

Love makes you write ,

about the boats sailing away,

mixed with the waves and the stars

curiously painting the sea.

Love makes me write

about the meadows

in which he hides,

because the words

in which he promised,

the world of the Great .

About the day,

in which he freed me

from being deceived,

and closed my doubts

of my faith!.

MY DEAREST YOU (to my sister)

When i pulled just as far ,

against the wall from where you walked away;

I hold my tears,

I bit my lips,

My God , i can’t be brave!

“In a few years i’ll see you “-I heard you say!

You smiled bravely!

You always do!

But i caught the movement ,

the blink :

You called my name!

I’ve watched the city becoming as a crumb,

as clouds felt so close ,

i could touch!

I leaned on the window,

and smell the night:

I dreamed you’re near me

as its my heart.

You lift me up!

You are my joy !

Welcoming new spring colorful bloom.

Every day closer,

my dearest you;

I’ll see you soon!!!


I don’t want to be just a reflection

of the sun ,

because the world imperfections

are brushing me as a moon

visible only at night!

Some wish that between now and tomorrow

nothing changes ,

because it doesn’t decide anything.

Every day, to me ,

is a major one,

when i can over shine

the common sense of some.

When it becomes an extraordinary !

When the Moon smiles above the galaxy

of the crowded eyes,

expecting just a safe ordinary.

I want to dance

till i run out of tomorrows!

My Dearest You


I flew away,

With my heart still in her hand,

My sister, my friend ,my strength.

The clouds called to me

She’ll hold it safely

Return it to me someday.

My being seem to shrink,

Crumpled in lonely doubts,

Yet she smiled fiercely,

Through her tears,

Only for me.

She burst love across

a hillside of flowers,

scattered beauty stretching

for miles,

and miles,

to reach me.

Her honesty falls like

a summer rain of mischief,

a fresh white snow cleansing my pain,

a butterfly’s kiss needed each moment.

I’ve always trusted her hope in me,

inspiring me to follow my dreams,

when others won’t.

Her spirit baffles all torment,

her belief in me forever soars.

She is the essence,

she is the meaning

of Sister,

My Dearest You. (BY Deb)


Running into the wild !

Into immortal dimensions of love …

Into the whiteness of the splashing island

that once gave me all!!!


So ,you reached out ,

You wondered ,

how i am doing ,

wishing i’ll cry?

You wanted me to spit out ,

my misery treasure?

I told you about,

my pride ,

my success,

my healthy heart,

and clear mind .

You got silent,

Your throat dried out,

disappointed by thirst ,

and your wishes!

You went away,

in a search for

other small people ,

and their bitterly days,

to make your misery

hurt a bit less .

So ,now i wonder

my biggest wonder,

how in the world

i thought you were my friend?!



I run like a code

in the shadow of the scent ,

that makes you lose your way,

and get what you don’y seek.

Like a dance on the balcony of desire,

pulling you astray

and eludes you irresistibly.

I run like a wonder

in the winds ,

to touch you as gently as the breeze ,

without mystery an a moment,

yet crushing your heart.

I run like yellow fog ,

over the field

that stands between melodies and lyrics ,

confusions and laughter,

heart and mind,

day spark after moonlight

that takes me away again .


The sweetens of the pain –

The blame that throbbing trough

The blames and the sorrows

of what i did and didn’t do.

The depth inside the prayer –

hidden lesson of glory

For unhappiness I brought you-

my love, I am sorry.

The master of your troubles –

gave you the power to forgive-

Shadow of a what’s in your heart left

will teach you again to believe.


For You,

Who made life’s agenda to hurt me,

i created the world to exist on your own .

The place ,

where i don’t feel,

or carefully counting words of politeness.

To You,

Cruel and coward ones ,

who touched and crossed over carefully cherished place,

I builded a Country

where no vacancy is left

to accommodate kindness ,

or forgiveness.

It isn’t made of my heart beats,

and it’s not meant to scream justice,

or to uselessly revel any truth,

or admiring how timelessly was holding on sadness.

For You,

who stood in madness upon arriving ,

protesting to your emptiness .

You stay there ,

play with your playmates your angry games,

and hold on to the thrills of hurt,

that use to pull my heart out.

My boat is departing to the colors of bright shores.

You didn’t earn to stay in my world.


I stopped listening to the pretty voice

of his silent emotions ,

from where his broken heart wanting to enter

another side of its loving,but always sad eyes.

The pleasure and the pain ,

so boundless ,

but never clear enough

to assure you

that long forgotten is near

and that you’ll never wholly know it.

You gave your heart

as it was a tear wiped away .

Your ears heard mixture endings

of the lonesome dreams .

I stopped marching trough them,

and wave colorful clouds over it.

The depth of the ocean

wishes to rob untouchable stones

of the misery ,

wearing your burden in it so well.

I stopped imagining love

that vanished in a talented artist muse.

What ones heart can endure

I already have.

What life gives willingly

I’ll only take.



I’m going to let you be joyful and free ,

with my soul closed crawl into the sand,

carefully avoid path where you walk

and not loving you to pretend.

I’ll be that wind that helps you to fly,

with silence of knowing faithfully mend ,

your heartbeat from the distance to hear,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’m going to embrace the light on your face,

until my every poem write its end,

I’ll find the meaning where isn’t any,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’m going to be pure air around you,

I’ll find in burning tears hidden tent,

The mask of nothingness put for the public,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’ll visit memories of shattered secret ,

where my heart you tightly held,

I’ll squeeze the whole life out of sadness ,

and not loving you to pretend.

I’m going to look for one tomorrow,

Wake up to the heart that feel no sore ,

With yesterdays not recognizing the hurt,

And not loving you pretend no more!


Eyes as bright as the midnight sky,
A smile as wide as the world,
Looking up at the clouds, wishing she could fly,
Our little angel is growing up.

Laughing, running, and singing,
This girl is full of character,
Beautiful: Just like wind chimes ringing,
Our little angel is growing up.

Helping as much as she could,
She would volunteer for anything,
Sometimes, even more than she should.
Our little angel is growing up.

Plenty of friends, with memories to hold,
She’s cherishing many stories,
That will soon be descriptively told,
Our little angel is growing up.

Skirts, dresses and fashion designing,
These were some of her favorite hobbies,
Wondering what’s good for combining,
Our little angel is growing up.

Crushes, boyfriends, soon to be married,
It’s her time to rule her own life,
With this topic, her emotions are varied,
Our little angel is growing up.

Now she’s totally on her own
Living her life to the fullest,
With memories like this, she’s certainly known,
Our little angel is growing up.

So many goals in her mind,
She doesn’t know what to do,
She caught up on art, which she’s fallen behind,
Our little angel is growing up.

Acting protective to put up a fight
Hoping one day she’ll understand why,
Day will soon come, it can’t always be night,
Our little angel is growing up.

Eyes still as bright as the midnight sky,
A smile still as wide as the world,
Looking up at the clouds, hoping to fly,
Our little angel has grown up.

My very own season


The lovely shades of sunset,

of my very own season ,

leading me on to you .

They are pushing me

to where reality can’t touch my hand,

or the tip of my chin ,

and won’t give me any reason why

i should turn away

and run recklessly.

This music ,

irresistibly pouring out of your eyes…

Throbbing through every forbidden wall,

and the roads ,

that we wish we could cross.

There we stand ,

as an electric switch

ready to blow off in a disaster and heartache .

Do not act!

Do not pick up flowers ,

Just stay behind the corner

that divide and secure you from the dream.

Let me stay

in my very own season of the spring .

It wouldn’t last .

The leaves will fall…

And the heart will heal …

And the reason will win…

And the soul will move on…

It always does.

I always find the way to come back to me!

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